Sunday, September 9, 2007

Free Child Day Care from DirecTV

For a time back in the sixties, standard TV programming was
actually pretty good at times. Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fud were
stalking each other in the mornings and in the evenings there
was Bonanza and Gun Smoke to look forward to, along with other
shows like Hawaii-Five-O, featuring detective McGarrett, who
coined the phrase, bookem Danno!

So kids could be set in front of the TV and were content to
watch Mr. Magoo Drive his car through houses and Yosemite Sam
puff on cigars that Daffy Duck had hidden fire crackers in. Then
it became too expensive to make great programming and the
studios began to cut corners and budgets and the results were
painfully obvious.

You cant just sit you kid in front of your TV any more and just
walk away, or you might find junior watching a lesbian make out
scene on some soap opera, when you return to check on him. The
cartoons are computer generated crap now that can turn your kid
into a spaz if he or she watches them too much.

There is one good solution to the TV programming quality dilemma
and that is DirecTV with its great fool proof parental control
function that comes installed with all the other great functions
in the free Hughes receiver that they give you when you join
their family of TV viewers. The free receiver comes with the
free Hughes satellite TV system that is delivered and installed
at no cost to you.

The digital video recorder, that comes installed in the
receiver, has a full one-hundred hours of memory in its
computer, so you can prerecord loads of great childrens shows
and cartoons that can play for over four solid days straight.
Kids will love the great high quality programming that DirecTV
has for them, that not only is entertaining, but also is
educational and helps to sharpen their thinking ability while it
entertains them.

The Hughes receiver is so easy to operate that even your child
will soon be able to use it. The parental control function lets
you have full control of what junior is watching, even while you
are in another room though, so you dont have to worry about the
lesbian make out scenes that little Tommy and his buds might
find amusing.

DirecTV programming packages have a wide variety of topics for
you to choose from, so everyone in your home will have lots of
shows and movies at their disposal, any time they like. DirecTV
has free installation in up to four rooms in your home and will
give you all the receivers you need to connect up to four TVs to
satellite programming, at no cost at all.

There are no hidden charges, or added fees in this introductory
offer and you only pay for the programming you watch and nothing
else. With separate TVs everyone can watch their own
programming, all at the same time on their own TV set. Look to
DirecTV and their great childrens programming, to help you keep
your child occupied, entertained and educated.

About the author:
Written by David Johnson. Find more information on Dish Network Deal as well as the top Dish Network Promotions


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