Friday, September 7, 2007

ADHD Symptoms and Teaching your Child

ADHD Symptoms and Your Childs Schooling

There can be no escaping the fact that it can be quite a tricky
task teaching a child who exhibits ADHD symptoms, who thus
carries all of the 'baggage' that the associated ADHD (Attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder) condition usually brings.

These problems are often seen to be at their worst when it comes
to finding a school that is appropriate for any child who
endures such ADHD symptoms.

Some schools are aware of this, and also of the problems that
children affected by ADHD (and the other associated forms of
Attention deficit disorder - ADD) may suffer.

These more enlightened schools have often recognized the problem
already, having already taken significant steps to address the

But there are still many schools that lag behind in their
arrangements and often these schools are not in a position to
answer the individual needs of a child exhibiting ADHD symptoms
and characteristics.

Unfortunately, the often negative influence of a child who is
affected by ADHD can often be clearly seen in the classroom,
even before any official diagnosis of the child's condition has
been attempted.

For example, it can be seen in the over boisterous boy who is
persistently disturbing his classmates or in the small girl
sitting in the corner, toying

absent-mindedly with her hair, her mind somewhere far away.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it is usually the teacher who would
first recognizes that a particular student is having problems
paying attention in class or is unnecessarily overactive. But
identifying the situation is only the first step, and definitely
not the most difficult part.

Undoubtedly, that is going to be the process of attempting to
alter the child's inattentive or hyperactive attitude or
behavior, and it is obviously unrealistic for anyone to expect
that ADHD symptoms will simply 'go away'!

Before any kind of 'dealing with' process can be begun, of
course, everyone actually has to acknowledge and agree that the
disorder exists. It only after such a proper diagnosis has been
made that proper action can be taken.

At this point, the decision will then need to be made as to
whether medicine is required, or if it can be avoided.

This decision is a critical one, given the often invasive nature
of many chemical based medicines, and would generally be
determined by the extent of the ADHD symptoms shown by the
particular child in question.

This will also determine the subsequent course of the treatment,
perhaps for the longer term, and therefore arriving at the
correct conclusion is of paramount importance.

Now, accepting that ADHD is a condition that tends to be irksome
to others, some schools may take the 'easy way out', adding to
the child's suffering by giving sometimes unnecessary medicines.

Still other schools will, however, adopt a more patient stance
and avoid medicines wherever possible, thus generally complying
with the wishes of the child's parents.

If you are in the situation of having a child who exhibits ADHDH
symptoms in school, then whether your child is able to cope with
the situation is likely to be determined by the kind of school
he or she is in.

In the ideal world, your child should be at a school that
understands that the most effective way of addressing an ADHD
child's problems is for everyone to work together as a team.

They must accept and understand that your child's ADHD symptoms
will not just 'go away'.

It is only by accepting and working with (or sometimes, around)
your child's ADHD that a school can enable your child to achieve
their best.

Regrettably, however, there are still many schools that lack
this open-minded attitude and vision, especially in small
communities or those where money may be scarce.

No doubt that a child demonstrating ADHD symptoms can be hard to
control, and even harder to instruct, as they are often pretty
chaotic and disruptive characters.

It is therefore perhaps no surprise, but still no less
disappointing, that some schools will refuse to accommodate such
unruly children, even in this day and age.

On the other hand, there are plenty of schools who will accept
and accommodate ADHD affected children, who will indeed make
great efforts to help the situation.

Sometimes this is done by placing the child with the disorder in
corrective classes, even though there is a school of thought
that such 'differentiation' of a child at this age can lead to
longer term isolationist problems.

Other schools are set up so that they are able to handle the
child who exhibits ADHD symptoms in the 'normal' class, with all
the other kids.

Where this works, this is undoubtedly the most satisfactory all
round solution, but to achieve this does require the allocation
of often scant resources, putting it out of the financial reach
of many institutions.

Remember that, in the final analysis, your child cannot help
having and demonstrating ADHD symptoms, and cannot always
control the actions and behavior that result from their

It is your job, as a parent, to accept your child as they are,
and to always look after the well-being of your child.

You should always therefore strive to make sure that you discuss
any matters pertaining to our child with his or her teachers, in
an effort to come to a conclusion that is in the best interests
of your child.

Always remember that they did not choose to exhibit the affects
of ADHD symptoms, and act accordingly.

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