Thursday, September 6, 2007

Raising Children and Marriage

When two people decide to get married, a commitment is made
which includes starting a family and growing old with the other
person. Along comes babies and raising these children to become
adults is not only about food or clothes but making these
individuals respectable members of society.

Raising your children well is a vocation. This is because
children look up to their parents as role models. In most cases,
the children want to become just as good or better than what the
parents were able to become. By teaching the kids good values at
home and enriching those values at school with the guidance of
the teachers and the peers in class, the children can succeed in
their endeavors. See where the molding of these beings started?
It's from parenting.

There is an issue that most parents have to face and that is
whether to be focused on the children or on the marriage. This
issue has led some couples to have to turn to counseling and has
made people realize that in order to keep the marriage and the
family together, the people involved should not forget the basic
foundation, which is the marriage.

First time parents fear separation (from their children) anxiety
believing that something bad will happen to their kids if they
are not always by their side. No matter how hard it is, the
parents should learn to trust others so that their children
don't have to suffer from their parent's paranoia whenever they
are not within their eyesight. This can also help the parents
have more time for each other as a couple.

Quality time spent between the parents such as going out on a
date or talking to each other is essential, otherwise they may
start drifting apart causing more problems in the future which
may result in divorce. Some people are not able to cope with
this since these individuals came from broken homes.

Some couples may not have children. These couples may have
something biologically wrong which prevents having a family.
Since this is something painful to accept, perhaps the
individuals involved should be open-minded about adopting a
child that they can treat as their own. This can be done by
going to adoption centers or even hiring surrogate mothers. .

Marriage is not just about raising kids. By giving an orphan a
new chance at life and teaching it about responsibility and
imparting values this child can do a lot of good and perhaps do
the same when he or she has reached adulthood. By putting faith
in God and living by those words everyday, the family will
remain strong and be able to face the challenges that may lie
ahead, especially when children are around.

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